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What’s Happening at 352 University Avenue in Atlanta?

Blog Post

This post checks in on the redevelopment plans for 352 University Avenue, a 31-acre property in Atlanta’s Pittsburgh neighborhood. Within the next decade, the Annie E. Casey Foundation hopes to transform the site into a vibrant space where residents can work, shop, create and play.

Posted September 7, 2017

Jeff Edmondson on Getting Communities to Work Together to Get Results

Blog Post

For the last 12 years, communities have called StriveTogether’s founder, Jeff Edmondson, to learn how they could improve their partnerships to better serve kids. This episode of CaseyCast explores what lessons Edmondson has learned along the way.

Posted August 24, 2017

Our Children Are Watching: What Are We Teaching Them?

Blog Post

What will it take to end racism, bigotry and ethnic hatred in America? Patrick McCarthy, Casey Foundation president & CEO, offers strategies to help children and youth embrace a more equitable and inclusive society.

Posted August 18, 2017

Because It Counts: Tools for Ensuring an Accurate 2020 Census

Blog Post

As the 2020 U.S. census approaches, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights has produced a series of fact sheets and data tables to encourage an accurate record of people most often missed by the decennial count.

Posted August 12, 2017

Reducing Homelessness in Seattle

Blog Post

Two public sector leaders in the Seattle are working to make homelessness rare and brief by applying leadership skills and tools they gleaned from the Foundation’s Children and Family Fellowship®.

Posted August 6, 2017

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Building Baltimore's Next Economy

Greater Baltimore has significant assets on which to build a more opportunity-rich next economy, but they aren’t being fully exploited. What can be done?